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Meet Sasha, your digital assistant 

Sasha is an AI-powered, digital assistant for medical coders. We empower our users to make them more productive while handling medical coding for billing.

Your virtual coding assistant in the Medicodz mobile app

Designed for medical coders.

We built Sasha by listening to, and working with medical coders.

Codes at fingertips

Medicodz app allows lookup of HCPCS, ICD-9, ICD-10, CPT and other medical codes in fast and easy way.

Latest information

The medical codes database inforamtion is realtime and hence is always upto date with correct information.

Custom themes

The Medicodz app allows users to change app thems and supports both dark and light themes for elegant experiences.

Sasha helps you accomplish more with less effort, and focus on what matters.


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